Thursday, February 5, 2015

ISIS: Islamic Servants in Satan

ISIS, also known as Islamic Servants In Satan, has beheaded so many people just in 2014 that, frankly, I've lost count. (See for more info.) So many, in fact, that they must be afraid that beheading is no longer shocking enough. So this week they resorted to setting a Jordanian pilot (1st Lt Moaz Kasasbeh) in a cage on fire. Then they videotaped it and plastered it all over social media. What kind of entities do such things? You can't call them people, because they are no longer in possession of their own souls. They're certainly not animals...animals don't normally display and crow over their heinous accomplishments (other than the occasional cat bringing her owner a dead rat). (See for more.)

Jordanian Pilot  1st Lt. Moaz Kasasbeh, burned alive

Now, Jordan has kept its word to retaliate in revenge.

What's next? Drawing and quartering? Lord forbid the world should resort to a tit for tat, one-upsmanship war of who can kill in the most horrific way!

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